About Us

Our History

Our parent company Unisoft Systems was founded in 1997 with iHost4u being founded in 2007 when the leading content management systems (CMS) started to become more secure. We decided to specialise in DotNetNuke (DNN) as we are highly experienced in the Microsoft technology stack.

DNN has grown to become the leading Microsoft based CMS in the world today. We now have 9 years experience with DNN which makes us well positioned to provide a cost effective web solution for your business.

Our Technology

DNN is an open source CMS based on the Microsoft .Net platform. DNN is one of the most affordable CMS available today with over 750 000 websites built on the technology. DNN is highly scalable meaning that it can cater for small business right up to huge enterprises.

Our Current Capabilities

We offer a Turnkey Service

We currently develop, support and host DNN websites and SQL Server databases. We can offer our services on the following platforms: DNN 8.0 upwards. SQL Server 2012 upwards.

The above statement is extremely significant. Very few companies design, support and host websites. Most web developers do not do website hosting and very few website hosting companies do web development.

With us there is no passing of the buck. We are your website people, full stop!

Our Goals Vision & Values

Our primary goal is to solve the day to day problems encountered by business owners through the supply, support and ongoing maintenance of excellent web technology. Because we dont have to develop maintain or secure the technology platform, we get to focus on our client needs.

Our vision is to constantly improve our product offerings and to make sure that they are always competitive and able to offer real value to our customers at an afforable price. We see our customers as partners in business and we collaborate with them.

Our values are to offer resonably priced products and services that exceed the expectations of our clients. To deal honestly and with integrity and to continue to be managed and operated by the owners of the business on a day to day basis, providing personalised service to our loyal customers.

Our Future

Our future will include increasing our footprint in the web development and hosting arena, and to stay innovative and affordable. We intend to grow our business organically by converting more sites to use our excellent software offerings. We intend to remain a privately held company that is big enough to provide excellent product, support and service but still small enough to know our customers personally.